Thursday, May 07, 2009

Reclining Raccoon

It was a hard day in the yard for the varmint babies, who earned a moment of rest.
They're getting stronger every day, thanks to the devoted care of their bottle feeder. They're learning how to walk and they're getting the concept of climbing. The only thng is, they like to climb on the person who has been feeding them.
Admittedly, it's kind of creepy, but it's cute, too. They know who has the food. They know her voice and they have begun to make little raccoon noises when they hear it.
While my wife is nurturing them, I am challenging them. Hey, if they can climb a leg, they can climb a tree. Right? So, I've been been trying to teach them to find their way up a trunk. Our research tells us it's too early for that, but at least one of these raccoons is special. I mean, there's some cosmic reason we have baby raccons. There must be. I stuck close, though, because they just aren't strong enough yet to reliably cling to the tree.
It's all perfectly silly and borderline irresponsible, but it's been fun. My wife is finally openly admitting that she's really enjoying caring for the baby raccoons.
The raccoon rescue is still all the rage. Today at work as I walked the halls at least four people asked about them. It's been a fun ride so far...kind of like hopping onto a foot on your way to being fed.

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millicent_bystander said...

I must say I have enjoyed the story of Cory and Topanga. Which is which?

Darrell said...

We aim to entertain. You know, I couldn't tell you which is which. One is male and one is you have to examine them in a certain way, know what I'm sayin'? I think one may have slightly lighter fur than the other...but I'm trying to maintain an emotional distance from this thing since I know we have to give them away.