Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lots of Life in the Ol' Back Yard

My determination to write about something other than the raccoon caper led me to the back yard, which is supporting life abundantly. High in a tree there rests a dove, who is nesting with her eggs. Her piercing eye, highlighted by a blue halo, keeps careful watch on the goings on beneath her. In another corner, my garden seems to be thriving. The evidence suggests we will have a bumper crop of tomatoes. There are bell peppers, blackberries, cucumbers and cantaloupe on the way, too. That is if I can keep the raccoons out of there. It always comes back to the raccoons these days. The little furry friends achieved a major developmental milestone today. They climbed into a tree all by themselves. They worked hard, too. I can tell you that raccoons pant, raccoons yawn and raccoons like to sleep in trees. I can also tell you I was proud when they made it all the way up the trunk and into the limbs. One is quite obviously stronger than the other, and the smaller one actually fell out of the tree to the ground about six feet below. Undaunted and determined, it climbed all the way back to join its sibling.
I guess a rising raccoon lifts all varmints.
The only reason I bring this up is because they climbed the same tree in which the dove is living, but she never moved a feather. After all, this post is about her, not the raccons.

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