Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pressures and Pauses

This is simply a perfect way to spend a good chunk of Sunday afternoon.Life can be stressful for a 17-year-old mind and a power nap wth your kitty can really help. Things are spinning wildly in my daughter's world. Incomprehensibly, she is wearing a senior ring, which means we're slightly more than a year away from the unthinkable: my baby's departure from the family home. It seems the magntitude of all this is starting to seem real, particularly since so many of her friends are a year older and their absence from her daily life is imminent. This includes the boyfriend, who plans to attend a university just 70 miles away; but there's no question the dynamics of their relationship will be significantly altered.
Aside from being sad about the people in her life hitting life's highway while leaving her behind for now, she still has the pressure of her own final exams to endure. Aspiring to her own academic adventures, she nonetheless faces the prospect of college visits with trepidation and some resistence.
Before her senior year begins, her own plans will take her to distant compass points. An ambitious summer of church camp, wilderness adventures and a missionary trip to foreign soil lie ahead. There's a chance she's keeping herself busy just so she won't have the time or energy to contemplate what comes next.
I just hope we can hang onto to her a little longer.
She should stay home more. A girl needs her rest.

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