Friday, January 02, 2009

Leftovers from The Road

Here I am, Music City!
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My daughter is infatuated with Nashville. She spent three days there and loved everything she encountered. There is a healthy dose of irony in that she did not experience any country music outside of Danielle Peck performing the Star Spangled Banner before a football game. The city was clean, the people were attractive and everyone seemed to be friendly and courteous.
We spent about twenty hours on highways in five states this week. Road kill was abundant. I saw a fox and a small bear on the side of the road in addition to the usual deer, armadillos and raccoons.
I've concluded that Burger King has surrendered its standards. I've stopped in Burger King restaurants in three states over the last month. All of them were alarmingly dirty and the quality of the food and service has dropped precipitously. Given the starting point, that's saying something. Burger King, which I once really enjoyed, is dangerously close to becoming a last resort for me.
A moment from the Vanderbilt tour which confused me: a parent asked the tour guide about intercollegiate sports. The guide patiently explained that Vanderbilt has 16 sports and competes in the Southeastern Conference. If you don't care about sports, that's one thing; but if you are interested enough to ask about it, how can you not know that Vanderbilt is in the SEC?
Besides, earlier the presenter has asked for a show of hands from people who planned to go to the bowl game. How did the guy miss all that?
At breakfast the day of the game, some people in line were talking about the number of people wearing Vanderbilt gear. We were staying in the official alumni hotel. One lady asked where the game was being played. Another said, "I guess at Dudley Field..." which is Vandy's on-campus stadium. This was incorrect, because the game was in fact being played at the NFL stadium in town. Again, how can you not know that? I actually didn't say anything to them. I wonder what that lady thought when she showed up to an empty stadium that afternoon.
On the way home, we saw Kentucky and East Carolina fans driving into Memphis for the Liberty Bowl. Cars were decorated and flags were flying. College football is just a lot of fun.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I'm glad you and your family enjoyed the trip. I'm always surprised to hear how much people enjoy coming to Nashville when they visit.

It's a very high percentage ...


Anonymous said...

Vanderbilt has a football team??

Anonymous said...

Nashville is a fun place... the Music City's version of BBQ is different than ours but other than that, it's a pretty fun place.

As for your observations about Burger King.... I rarely go to a BK...and never to a Mickey-D's. Franchised Ops can be great or poor...depending on the regional franchise mngmnt oversight. They only respond to two things: lower sales and lawsuits. You could time get the store I.D. number which is usually on a placard near the cash register sometimes near a door. Often you'll find an 800 number and the name of the franchise mngmnt group ( sometimes it's an indy group ).
Or check your receipt because you'll have the store I.D. and maybe the group contact info.

BK Corp offices for USA are in Miami, here's the tele# Consumer Relations - 305-378-3535

They may listen, you'll likely wind up getting a couple coupons for Free Burgers as a way to placate your displeasure. Or you can just stop spending your money there and eat somewhere else ( more healthy like Subway or Quiznos).