Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy Reunion

The dog and cat who live in our house can rest easy. The visitor cat has been reunited with its own family. We found out that "lost cat" signs were planned for the weekend, but it was modern communication that brought about a happy result. Better late than never, I suppose, the cat's owner sent out an e-mail blast to the neighborhood association describing the wayward kitty. Thanks to Smartphone technology, the e-mail hit my pocket and the cat was back home within an hour. I wonder what the lady was waiting for.
There was some concern that the little guy, named "Pepper" we discovered, had in fact been eaten by coyotes. Happily, he was not. The good news, for those near us who were not-so-secretly hoping he was a stray, is that he lives just a few doors down. So, he is easily visited.
One less bell to answer. One less vet bill to pay. Everybody's happy.

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Dave and Shannon said...

but no Emily?

Darrell said...

There's no little girl. The kids in the house where Pepper lives are teenagers. But, the lady who picked him up said the little kids who live next door were crying because they thought Pepper had been eaten by a coyote.