Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ice in the Afternoon

(Dallas)- Certainly, I've been blessed over the years to witness high-level sporting events. However, until today I had not been to a National Hockey League game. When presented with an opportunity to attend an NHL-NBA doubleheader, how could I refuse? So, off we go to American Airlines Arena to watch the Dallas Stars. The Stars and their opponents, the Los Angeles Kings, are among the lowest-scoring teams in the league. Hockey purists, if there are any in Texas, will surely enjoy great goaltending and tenacious defense. If that makes them happy, at least they got their money's worth.
Having seen my share of minor league hockey, I know a little about the game but I'm no expert. If every player at this level is more athletic, quicker, faster and a better skater than what we minor league afficiandos are accustomed to, then so be it. I take it on faith, because all things being relative it apepars to me to be the same game.
Who am I to say? I'm just grateful for the chance to see it. Tonight, arena workers will plop a court on top of the ice and many of us will reconvene. Sounds like fun.

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