Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Roman Holiday

The longer our daughter is away in Europe, and the farther away she gets from English-speaking territory, the less frequently we hear from her. We now know she is thriving in Rome, where of course she has already visited The Vatican.

As well as The Colosseum.

Those are "automatics" when you visit Rome and it's good to know she's meeting the requirements for a first-time visitor.

In brief bursts of communication, she has informed us that her trip has definitely exceeded her expectations. If you think about it, that's saying a lot because when you're talking about London, Paris and Rome I would think your hopes would be especially high. I'm sure a lot of her enjoyment has to do with the company she's keeping. By all accounts, people are getting along well.

It's been easy, from what we can tell from the photos, for them to become immersed in history, art and architecture.

But there's also been a different kind of fun. For instance, they took a cooking class during which they produced hand-made pasta...and then they sat down as a group and enjoyed dinner of their own creation, including what appears to be a really rich dessert.

Glancing at her planning document, I see tomorrow is a free day. So, there are not formal plans. This is an opportunity for her to explore on her own. Knowing her, she will make the most of it.

She had indicated that she can't wait to tell me all about it. I can't wait to hear all about it. In the meantime, I pray every day for safe travels and that she will find the proper balance of activity and rest so that she continues to make the most of the opportunity.

Then, in a couple of days, there's a day-long excursion to Pompeii.
BR> Until she's home safely and starts to tell her stories, I have to be content with photos...and they look pretty nice.

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