Friday, June 22, 2012

Passport to Paris

Knowing my daughter, I strongly suspect she finds herself affecting a French accent this week. How could she not? With an ongoing unsettling absence of hard information, we're making assumptions about her activities based almost exclusively on photos she and some of her traveling companion are posting on the internet.

We've seen boat rides on the Siene, the consumption of baguettes, and plenty of pictures of Paris at night.

So, she's hitting the high points...including the Louvre.

I also know there are plans to attend a high-end fashion show. I wonder how Paris fashions would translate to Ft. Worth? I doubt there are many cowboy boots involved.

Before she left, there was a little bit of nervousness because she didn't really know most of her traveling party. It looks like she's making friends.

That's great news, if it's true. I mean, they'll always have Paris.

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