Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Can't Break a Hundred, But I Can Break a Sweat

(Kapalua, HI) – I could just hear all my sports buddies saying, “You went to Maui and didn’t go to Kapalua?” It’s arguably the most famous place on Maui, at least for sports fans, because that’s where the PGA Tour starts every year. So, yeah, I went to Kapalua and set foot on the Bay Course. Here’s proof.

I’m not much of a golfer and for me spending four or five hours hacking away at a golf ball, even in a spectacular setting, would be a tremendous frustration and a colossal waste of time. But, I hung around for a few minutes just to say I’ve been there, as well as to fend off incredulity and ridicule from my people.
Kapalua Bay is beautiful, so we lingered for a while.

We even walked out on the point…deep to the end of the lava rocks where I attempted, without success, to wield my awesome influence over nature to hold back the power of the Pacific.

Off in the distance, humpback whales were consistently breaking the surface of the water, creating quite a show for those assembled. This added a sense of exhiliration to an already eye-popping view.

Kapalua was peaceful, in remarkable contrast to the consistent hubbub where we’re staying. It must be all the golfers. You know, you can’t make any noise around those people because you might mess up their backswings.

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