Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Great Day to Sit Still

(Ka’anapali, HI) – Sometimes, the less you do the better it is. Our day was spent reclining by the Oceanside where most of the time, this is what we saw.

If we sat up, the view changed to this.

We occasionally were forced to sit up to sip a refreshing beverage.

When we got hungry, someone brought us a pineapple pizza, which we ate right where we sat.

Then, in the afternoon the sun got a little too hot. So, we went to the shady side of the property, had dinner (Coconut shrimp, Thai lettuce wraps and various sides for those of you who demand details) with this view.

Then, we went back to the west side to watch the sun set.

After a remarkably physical experience the day before, this was just what we needed.

They’re serving cognac and Bailey’s on the terrace. Aloha.

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