Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ending The Day With a Cliche

(Lahaina, HI) – When you go to Hawaii, there are certain things you simply must do. You might say it’s touristy or cliché, but we’re tourists. I dare say a luau is in the top three must-have Hawaii experiences. So, to wrap up her birthday, my wife and I rolled to a seaside venue to do our duty. First up: a young guy with tattoos and not much else on giving her a mai tai and a necklace made of rocks.

We were led to our table and discovered quickly that at a luau the liquor will flow freely if you let it. Limiting ourselves to a celebratory portion of potion, we took in the sights.

When you get right down to it, a luau is dinner and a show in a spectacular setting. Ours did not disappoint.

There were hula dancers, drummers, a cantor and a colorful chorus, all choreographed to tell the story of Hawaii’s history…some of it factual, most of it mythological. But that’s okay; it’s part of the charm.

Speaking of charm, the dancers weren’t wearing a lot of clothes and neither were the waiters; so I guess it’s good for them that the weather is so nice.
The place was packed and they were turning people away; so while we may be dorky tourists, we had plenty of company.

The food was ample, too. Roast pork is a luau staple (Polynesian Cochon de lait, to tell you the truth), and certainly plenty was available. There was also steak, a couple of chicken dishes and a wide variety of seafood. Much like the liquor, you could have as much as you wanted. If you left hungry, you just weren't trying.

All of this was done under a spectacular canopy of stars.
It was a pleasant evening and we’re both glad we did it. I can’t think of a more appropriate way to end a day in Hawaii.

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