Thursday, October 07, 2010

There She Is, There She Goes!

It’s Fall Break in Texas, and college girls have come home!

Parents are happy about this development, no doubt; but one particular member of our family was so excited she couldn’t decide how to express herself. When the dog saw her long-lost friend, she had a look of confusion on her face. That lasted but a fleeting moment, until she apparently became convinced that IT REALLY IS HER! She’s standing RIGHT THERE. That’s when the spinning started. Yes, the dog was spinning in a tight circle and whimpering. Spin. Cry. Spin. Cry. Spinandcry, spinandcry, spinandcry. She just could not contain her glee. The feeling was mutual.

On the other hand, the Old Fat Cat was aloof. Keep in mind; these two have been close companions since our daughter was six years old. For about fifteen minutes, the cat wouldn’t have anything to do with her. Then, gradually, she decided not to punish her mommy anymore and the two were reunited. The family home was nothing but a pit stop, sad to say. Indeed, it is fall break in Texas; but not in Louisiana. So, the majority of her friends are still clustered at college. I guess the idea of staring at her parents and grandparents for almost a week was just too scintillating to bear. So, less than an hour after she arrived in the garage, she was off again, bound for Baton Rouge.

She said during the college selection process that she didn’t want to love LSU because she wanted to break away from the crowd. That’s where the crowd is, to be sure, and that’s where she plans to spend the next couple of days. I understand. I hope she has a great time. Her friends are no doubt thrilled for the opportunity to spend time with her and show her around. They have promised to deliver her home in one piece.
That’s good. She needs to get back here. The dog is confused.

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Unknown said...

yea! Maddy is home! boo! maddy is gone. i substituted maddy for "sydney" from my cheer last year. it works.