Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Tassels and Towels and Cords, Oh My

You know there’s academic anarchy when the principal of the city’s largest high school addresses a group of parents at a senior honors assembly and says “we’ve just got to get through the next five days and then we’ll turn them back over to you." Everything you need to know about my daughter and her classmates playing out the string of their senior year can be summed up by this image from student council. It was posted proudly on Twitter in the middle of the school day as the students celebrated Cinco de Mayo. Any excuse to party is welcome these days.
Once again, my daughter and several of her friends got to shake hands with the principal. This time, he was handing out honor cords with which the students can adorn their caps & gowns at graduation. The decorations are nice, considering the overwhelming majority of the seniors will be sporting only a tassel. Hey, that counts for a lot.
This comes on the heels of a dinner party we hosted for the core four friends, plus pseudo-sister from across the street. It was like Christmas in May as they tore through the graduation-themed gift wrapping. We got everyone towels for their dormitories. They were polite about it. This is one of those gifts, we’re hoping, which will be truly appreciated once it’s put into practical use. It seems less likely your stuff will get ripped off if your name or initials are woven into the fabric.
For some of the young ladies, this was the first graduation gift they had received. “Yea, I can start making my graduation pile,” one of them said. It seems monogramming is big on the grad circuit. Our daughter already has several items with her initials on them.
For me, seeing them all together like that just made me sad again. Maybe as my gift for my daughter’s graduation, I can get a set of towels for myself: crying towels. This isn’t getting any easier.

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