Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes

(Orlando) - I must be emotionally scarred by enduring early winter cold over the last couple of weeks, because today I found myself to be disconcertingly overdressed. The fortunes of sports and travel have led me to Orlando, where today it was so sunny and warm that people were relaxing by the pool and many more were playing in the water. I didn't even pack a pair of shorts and it didn't cross my mind to bring a swimsuit.
There are no plans to visit a theme park while I'm here, but you never know. The LSU football team is here to play Penn State in a bowl game, so this is a sports trip all the way. The opportunity to see the game and with that a chance to get close to legendary Nittany Lions' coach Joe Paterno was simply too enticing to pass up. The close encounter happened this morning and Joe Pa was in fine humor. He was telling stories about his days as a young man "chasing rich sorority girls" and holding court with a smattering of fans who had the good fortune to find themselves in his company.
His attitude remarkably changed in 24 hours. Yesterday, he became agitated as his players warmed up for practice and he started yelling at people and then had observers removed from the practice facility. The day of preparation must have gone well, because the coach was gracious and engaging today. In is 80's, he is still very much in charge of his football program and shows no significant signs of slowing down.

As for me, this is another one of those trips where I'm a tag-along guy, not in charge of anything. There's a certain peace of mind that comes with that. I'm taking the events and activites as they come to me. So far, the final week of the decade is working out remarkably well. A concoction involving rum may be in my near future. It might help me relax. After all, today I broke a sweat.

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