Sunday, January 23, 2011

Purple Streak

We have had brief glimpses of our daughter the TCU student each of last two weekends. She blew into town for less than twenty-four hours on Friday, just long enough to join us for dinner to celebrate her mother’s birthday.
She and her brother captivated us with tales of their youthful adventures, which on the surface seem disparate, but upon reflection reveal themselves to be remarkably similar.

She also accompanied her mother and me to a late-night movie. As cameo appearances go, this one was nice because it made her mom happy.
When you hear “guilt trip,” a certain kind of psychological pressure comes to mind; but the birthday visit may have given the phrase new meaning.

Less than a week earlier, my wife and I visited our daughter at college. The thing is, we didn’t see much of her, so I’m holding out the possibility that the unannounced home visit was a make-good.
We drove over on Saturday, but coincidentally one of her closest friends from home also came to visit her. So, we got kicked to the curb. That was okay with us, because we planned to spend all of Sunday with her. The morning passed and we were unable to reach her. Finally, just before noon, she answered her phone. We made our way to her dorm room, where we found her happy to see us, but bleary-eyed. It turns out she joined a well-dressed group of fellow students on an all-nighter to a casino in Oklahoma.

You won’t find any hint of moss on this rolling stone, and there’s probably a lot less rubber on her tires than there was a month ago. It’s okay with us. In fact, as long as her grade point average is sufficient to maintain her scholarship, we celebrate the lifestyle she seems to be enjoying. I guess we’ll hear all about it when she can find the time to talk to us.
Oh, and one little thing I've neglected to mention: She's sporting a new piercing these days. It's getting attention, I can say that for sure. Some of her friends thought her parents might freak out. Who? Us? We're just grateful it's not a tattoo.

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