Saturday, April 10, 2010

Grateful For the Music

The Happy Couple has gone public with their music. My enigmatic, throwback son and his lovely longtime love interest have become fascinated by a group called Furthur, the foundation of which is two surviving members of The Grateful Dead.
In February, they hit the road and saw the band perform live somewhere in Georgia, and now their summer plans hinge on Furthur's plans for a festival in California.Don't ask me how or why this fascination developed. Maybe I don't even want to know. All that matters is that they came back from Georgia thrilled with the experience and determined to do something similar soon.So, the trip westward is on, at least for him and a couple of his buddies. It appears she has work and school conflicts that will keep her from making the trip. Somehow, I don't think she minds that too much.
She is being fully supportive, however, even to the point of learning a Grateful Dead song ("Ripple") and agreeing to sing for the guys while they play their guitars.This is really big, because these people generally keep to themselves. They prefer to live the quiet life outside the spotlight, rarely consenting to having attention called to them.
It's a testimony to many things (getting older, developing more self confidence, who knows?), including their love of this music, that they actually made a video of their expression of Deadhead devotion.
So, appreciate the monumental-hood of this moment, World. The Happy couple and their buddy the guitar man in song:

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