Monday, April 19, 2010

Baby, You're Much too Fast

I have known my wife so long that I have ridden in every car she has owned. There was the charcoal grey one, the black one, the silver one and the navy blue one. (She keeps them a while).

We said good-bye to Ol' Blue today and she rolled up in her new ride. It's RED!
This is a huge departure in personality for her. I was trying to talk her out of getting a white car. I guess she listened.
We had no intention of actually buying a car right away. We were just shopping, you know...kicking tires. One of our oldest friends, an empty nester, is spending her time these days working at a local dealership. We dropped by to say hello on Saturday. There were no white cars on the lot to suit my bride, and I joked, "Well, looks likes it's red or nothing for you today."
The joke's on me.Our friend ran the numbers, offered more than we expected for the blue car, brought the price down on the new one and KABOOM! My wife bought it, dropping a bright red cherry bomb on everybody who knows her.
Here are the practical aspects of this decision: My vehicle is in better shape than Ol' Blue, despite having about 40,000 more miles on it. Looking ahead, there's no way both cars will make it several years, and who wants two car notes? So, we had to replace one of them. Plus, with Daughter bound for a Texas university in just a few weeks, she wanted something new for all those trips she's expecting to make.
Finally, with zero kids to haul around, she wanted something smaller but nicer.
I can't say she was looking to make some kind of statement, but it must have been in the back of her mind.
When she made the decision, it was Saturday night. I guess that makes it alright. Maybe the best thing I can say at this point is (with apologies to Prince), "Move over baby and give me the keys. I'm gonna try to tame your little red love machine."

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