Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Big Blue Balloon Amazes Medium Sized City

I'm sure people in the big cities are entirely too cool to notice something like a blimp hanging around in the sky, but when a dirigible lingers over a city like Shreveport, people get kind of wide-eyed.

I was driving around town late in the day and saw something unusual in the sky. I felt like Steve Martin and Bill Murray on Saturday Night Live in the late 70's, thinking "What in the hell is that?

Then, "What in the HELL is that?"

Then, "What in the hell IS that?"

A blimp?

Of course, I gave chase. I wasn't the only one. Along the road, people were pulling over, hefting their cell phones and cameras, scrunching up their faces as they looked westward into the setting sun, taking pictures of the whatever-the-hell...is-that-a-blimp? thing.

Finally I chased it down, and yep. The DirecTV blimp was flying low and slow, doing circles around the city.

I'm not sure why. Most people discussing it figured it was on its way from a NASCAR race in Dallas to another race in Alabama. It makes sense, geographically.
Shazam, we had us a blimp today. Sometimes, you take these little moments as they come.

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