Thursday, November 12, 2009

Green Thumb or Global Warming?

It seems incredible, but it's true: in mid-November I am still harvesting red, ripe tomatoes from the vines I planted before Easter. I'm no gardener, so there's no explaining the bounty, longevity and consistency of Tomato Crop '09. Almost every day, I'm having a fresh tomato from the back yard garden. It's just absurd.It's not just those small salad tomatoes, either. Medium-sized offerings, perfect for sandwiches are still coming in and ripening on the vine.At this rate, it seems almost certain that we can have fresh home-grown tomatoes on the table at Thanksgiving. Since I suppose a frost or freeze will finally bring all of this ripening revelry to an end, somehow I find myself rooting against a White Christmas. Red is a Christmas color, after all.

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