Monday, November 03, 2008

Star of Screen

Martha on LPB
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My mother-in-law showed up on statewide TV tonight. A couple of weeks ago, she took some collectible dolls to the Louisiana State Exhibit museum. The Secretary of State was there, along with the state archivist, and they asked people to bring in their Louisiana-flavored collectible items.
The hand-made dolls from her collection attracted the interest of a crew from Public Broadcasting which was producing an hour-long special about the event. They brought her over and asked her to tell the story of her dolls on camera.
I have to say she did the family proud. Her little dolls, too!
She's apparently got the TV bug now. A couple of weeks ago, she snuck down to 30 Rock and somehow got on camera over Matt Lauer's shoulder during the Today Show.
Next thing you know, she'll be dominating local access cable. Too bad I'm a DirecTV guy.
Martha on TV

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