Sunday, November 09, 2008

Back on the TeeVee

Darrell on TV
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In the "glass half full" world, I got another TV sports assignment and I don't think I embarrassed the network. I was sent to lovely Hammond, Louisiana to be the sideline reporter for a live broadcast of a game between the Texas State Bobcats and the Southeastern Louisiana Lions.
I had fun. The day was spectacular and the people were nice. The paycheck wasn't so bad, either. I deeply appreciate the opportunity and hope to be asked back.
In the "glass half empty" world, if I HAD embarrassed the network, no one would have known because we were on at exactly the same time as the LSU-Alabama game. Alabama is ranked #1 in the nation and this was the first time its coach, Nick Saban, returned to Tiger Stadium since his ill-fated departure to coach in the NFL. The game was a thriller. In fact, it went into overtime.
I didn't watch the game because I was situated an hour eastward, reporting on the battle of the big cats.
I can say I was in Baton Rouge for the finish of the LSU-Alabama game, though. Our game finished about an hour before LSU's, and I was driving through town listening to the final moments. I was on the Mississippi River Bridge as John Parker Wilson of the Crimson Tide scored the game winning touchdown. I had a beautiful view of the stadium. Given the ultimate outcome, a gut-wrenching LSU loss, I was grateful to be viewing it from a distance.
My glass is half-full after all.
Darrell and SLU mascot

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