Sunday, November 02, 2008

Mr. Movies

Helicopter sunset
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Until a couple of weeks ago, I hadn't heard in a legitimate context the words, "Action!" and "Cut!," but now they're echoing around my cranium. Not only did I make an unancticipated return to the set of an actual feature film, but I've also been acting as a de facto executive producer on a little film for the employer.
I've been leading a real director and his crew around town. One of my favorite moments involved this helicopter. You know you're doing something when you call in the chopper!
We dragged a couple of interns around all week, and they seemed to gain a new appreciation for real work. They agree they had fun working with the production crew, but one of them said, "One thing I've learned is I definitely don't want to go to film school"
Earlier, despite my vow not to return, I was compelled to take another pass at "Leaves of Grass" starring Edward Norton. I got to be within a couple of feet of Mr. Movie Star much of the time. I had lunch with a character actor and a gaffer. Can a SAG card be far behind?
The attention to detail, even on my little work project, is a long way from the slash-and-burn work of local TV news. There's a whole lot of standing around, waiting and doing it again.
I have two premieres to prepare for. I guess it's time to buy a roll of red carpet.

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Anonymous said...

Watch out there'll soon get the itch and start carrying complete wardrobe in your car so you can catch an audition at a moment's notice!! FWIW SAG initiation dues are a little over $2K I believe. Lucky me cuz I joined back in mid 1980's for the sum of $500 and have been paying a bit over $300 a year ever since ( more when I get SAG/AFTRA gigs).

Tell ya where the money is for middle-aged guys like us is acting in corporate/industrial & commercial shoots. But I do see where you could be another Albert Brooks or Steve Guttenburg in a character role. Put together a YouTube / MySpace demo and who knows where you'll wind up... hey maybe you can be the next "Sham-Wow!" product demo-guy! Good money in them-thar "As Seen on TV" gigs!!