Saturday, November 29, 2008

Crimson Christmas

Alabama golf shirt
Originally uploaded by Darrell
(Birmingham, AL) - I opened my gift from the Alabama athletic department. It's a fantastic Alabama golf shirt made by Nike. It's a great color (Crimson! Coincidence? I think not). I am proud to have it.
Where will I wear it? I live in Louisiana where the Alabama football coach is public enemy number one. I'll have to wear it on the road, I guess.
The rain seems to have stopped, but the morning is foggy.
With a couple of exceptions, this is the last Saturday of college football's regular season. This is one of the best places in America to spend it, even if I'm behind enemy lines.

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Seth said...

Hey, blog and all, check your typo. Hope you had a good thanksgiving.

Seth said... seems to have not registered my comment. Hope this isn't a duplicate, but check your typo on shirt. That's funny.

Hope you had a good thanksgiving.