Monday, August 29, 2011

Daddy D's Tool Time

It’s no secret that I am woefully lacking in any number of arguably essential “man skills,” such as handyman home repair sort of abilities. If you get much past hanging a picture or painting a wall, I’m pretty useless. People have tried to cure me of this malady over the years by giving me tools. Of course, I’d need to be self-taught for these instruments to be of any use to me. Why learn something when I can hire someone? Believe me; the job will be accomplished in a much more acceptable fashion if an expert is brought in. So, imagine my wife’s shock and awe when she discovered me standing on a ladder in the garage using tools.

My garage door has a little age on it, and several times it has developed gaps in the panels. This is unsightly, of course and I’m alert enough to realize that ultimately the loss of integrity will negatively impact function. Or, in other words, if it’s broken it will stop working. So, it needed to be fixed.

I got sick of looking at it, as well as fretting about the potential expense of replacing the door. So, given a quiet morning I started rooting around the shelves where all of these tools have accumulated. I found some gizmos and other goods that seemed to have potential to address my issues and went to work!
There was some banging and twisting. There was sweat and one blood blister; but in about forty-five minutes, I had the door reassembled, looking normal and working just fine.

I also found some WD-40 and Gorilla Glue. A spray here, a squeeze there and the garage doors are making much less noise while opening and closing than they had been. At the place where the most recent gap had developed (which was a reoccurrence, by the way), the bolts that held things in place had stripped. So, the glue and a “Look what I found!” C-clamp seem to be holding things together for now.

I have enough sense to know that won’t hold forever. Maybe there’s some duct tape on the shelf.
In the meantime, my wife got to pretend, for just one fleeting weekend morning, that she married a man’s man. Enjoy it while it lasts, Honey. If the door breaks again, I’m calling somebody.

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