Sunday, September 13, 2009

Smiling Again

(Ruston, LA)- Young love can be cruel. Happy Couple II has been separated by the start of the school year, but there was a blissful reunion this afternoon. He hasn't been gone that long and he's not that far away, but he might as well have been on Mars the way things have been around the house lately.
My daughter's senior year isn't going they way someone in her position might hope. Admirably, she is taking advanced classes and working hard at them, making good grades. She knows that her college options hang in the balance, so she's staying focused. It's difficult, though, when your heart is heavy. Mr. Man, with his tendency to wear silly western-style shirts with snaps instead of buttons, is always on her mind.
Today, his parents were making that short drove over to The Piney Woods to meet their son for lunch and she went along. We are fine with that, happy for her even. We hope the visits picks up her spirits. We also hope he understands the road goes both ways.
And somewhere along the way we hope things lighten up for her so she will have an opportunity to enjoy her last months of high school.

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