Sunday, April 26, 2009

Leftovers From The Road

If the success of a trip can be judged by the quality of the food and the desirability of the company kept, then consider our recent "Dallas weekend" a hit. While Happy Couple II was cavorting in an uptown park, we found ourselves in the decidely upscale Southlake Town Square having drinks and dinner with my witty cousin Ronny and his delighftul wife Allison. Ron is less than a year older than I, and as kids we were close like cousins should be. As adults we've spent alarmingly little time together, and seeing him was a real treat. He invited us to an Italian restaurant, which pleased us. The food was nice, the service was admirable and the company was outstanding. What more could you want? We pledge to see more of one another in the years ahead. I think as we enter the second half of our lives, we may need one another more.
On Sunday morning, after we had provided refuge for a handful of protesters and sent them on their well-fed way, our friends Steve and Dana popped by the Luxurious Uptown Hotel. Dana had a brunch destination in mind, and it was inspired. Nobody ever told me about Mattito's before, but I know about it now. It was spectacular. It's a Tex-Mex restaurant with a Sunday brunch buffet unlike anything I've seen, and I've eaten lots of places. The quaint, colorful exterior sets the tone as you walk in. When you go...and you should...prepare for a feast for the senses. I just had to stop myself before I descended into a devil's delight of unabashed gluttony.
We hit the highway fat and happy. We were out of town for just about thirty hours, so you couldn't really ask for anything more.

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