Sunday, April 12, 2009

Creeping Up on the Half-Century Mark

We spent the weekend celebrating the 50th birthday of one of my longest-standing friends. I'm inclined to call her one of my "oldest" friends, but given the occasion it seems an inappropriate use of the word.
I've known her for forty-four years. Her younger brother is my closest friend. She is much more than my buddy's sister, though. I told her so over a poolside dinner Saturday night. Anywhere along the way, she could have made the decision that I was her little brother's goofy friend, but that never happened.
Her first five decades have been lived abundantly. Her well-earned nickname of "Tropical Gypsy" speaks volumes about her choice of lifestyle. She lives fulltime in the Florida keys, has been a producer of a well-known national TV show and knows love across the spectrum. Her five brothers and sisters, along with their children, assembled in Houston for the big Five-Oh party. She had cousins and friends there, too. This event was a sequel of sorts, her seaside friends having feted her several weeks ago.
She was awash in affection and deservedly so. It gives me hope. Her brother and I hit fifty next year. She's facing the second half of her life with a drink, a wink and a laugh. It's an example I hope to follow. That's what friends are for.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"Her first five centuries have been lived abundantly..."

er... hey ol' did mean:
"decades" there didn't you?