Sunday, October 02, 2011

Early Afternoon in Arlington

(Arlington, TX) – It’s kind of amazing how easy it is to make it to a noon kickoff for a Cowboys’ game when you’re already in town. So many times over the years, I’ve arrived at the stadium road weary after blowing west on I-20 to Irving or Arlington. Certainly, I’ve done my share of LSU-Saints weekends, but thanks to my recent allegiance to TCU, this is my first college-pro DFW two-day trip. It seems a lot easier. Geography, proximity, whatever you want to say…the Metroplex is just closer and easier to access from home than Baton Rouge and New Orleans are. And while I spent Saturday in the company of all of my female family members, Sunday is boys’ day out.

It consistently amazes me to look at the social networks while at these games and discover the number of people I know who announce their presence. I tracked down some young friends who live in Abilene. I hadn’t seen them in five years; but there they were, big as life in Cowboys Stadium.

Having been in this remarkable facility several times, I nonetheless still marvel at the spectacle on display. The national anthem, for instance, was impressive. Three Cowboys cheerleaders sang. I’m thinking pretty much everybody thought “okay, this is gonna be bad,” but their harmonies were spot on. They didn’t miss a note and looked lovely singing it.

The best news about a noon game: I’ll be home at a reasonable hour. Let’s hope there’s a decent game on in prime time. You can’t get enough football.

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