Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Worthy Spring Break Destination

On this, the first day of Spring 2012, our daughter finds herself on Spring Break. When you think of a college student this time of year, what comes to mind? Panama City? Ft. Lauderdale? Destin? Or, maybe a different climate? I know a lot of young adults have gone skiing (many people in the South feel compelled to modify this and say “snow skiing,” to differentiate it from “water skiing.” This is an important distinction between a place like Vail and somewhere like Lake Bistineau).
None of those apply to our student, who left Monday with several friends for Central America on a mission trip.

She’s in a pretty large group, which split up into four teams on day one. Nursing students saw 63 children at a school clinic under the supervision of the school nurse. Others prepared meals for malnourished children. Another group was on construction duty, working to build a pavilion at the school “where they can have large groups meet for assemblies and things like that.” They put in a full work day and plan to do so every day this week. We are told there was “a decent amount of exhaustion.”
No doubt they were tired. They’re doing good work, to be sure; but let me be more specific about this “Central America” thing. It’s Belize, which isn’t bad. In fact, here’s where they’re staying.

They had dinner on the dock after the workday. This is a church group; so much of their free time was spent on a worship experience, including singing songs of praise on the beach for an hour and a half or so. If you want to feel the Glory of the Lord, this is a pretty good place to do it.

I’m happy they’re able to enjoy a spectacular setting to start and end their days. As a parent, I’d certainly rather know they’re having a positive impact on young children as opposed to binge drinking and puking off a hotel balcony on the Redneck Riviera. Because you know that’s actually happening, to many of their friends. Go, Belize!

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