Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Brief Dispatch From Belize

Our daughter is out of the country on a mission trip. We didn’t add any kind of international plan to her phone, so the information we’re getting about the mission is coming in the form of late night e-mails from the church staffer who coordinates college ministry. This is a young woman who is fond of using exclamation points!

We’ve seen one photo of our daughter so far, and if you know her it’s kind of funny. She is notoriously uncomfortable around young children, so maybe this will be a growth experience for her, not to mention a boost to our hopes of someday being grandparents.

Their work at a school continues, as does their beachside worship experience. Here’s what we heard about that: “In our small groups tonight, our lesson focused on the differences between false and true repentance. We split up into even smaller groups of guys and girls to spend some time being open and sharing about things we need to be repenting of in our lives right now and ways we've been avoiding that. I can't speak for the guy groups, but from my group and hearing from the other girls; I can say that it was definitely a great time of growing closer together and encouraging each other!”

I’d like to encourage them to send more photos from Belize. I’m starting to think that one fabulous dock with the grass hut at the end is the only landmark they’re seeing.

Maybe it is. I mean, after all, the primary purpose of the trip is the mission, not sight-seeing.

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