Thursday, August 26, 2010

Trudging Along Through Life

My bride and I have been mightily distracted this week, and that has been helpful. We have the same employer and trust me when I say it has been an intense week at the old salt mine. Company policies explicitly prohibit us from saying anything about the job in a forum such as this, so let me carefully pass along one piece of information. There's this Really Big Thing that my wife is mostly the boss of, and she's has a really good week. How's that?

Rarely do our work duties intersect, but for this week I've been on her team. So, assuming the work week wraps up the way I hope it will, there is reason for relief and celebration. For me, it's on two fronts: professionally and personally. Let's just say that a huge amount of pressure is about to be lifted off her shoulders.

So, there has been precious little time or energy to devote to worrying about our daughter, the college freshman. Neither has their been time to worry about ourselves and how much we miss her.

We finally received a photo of her pledge class, so at least we know what the Baby Zetas look like.

I know that our daughter went to a Christian-oriented social event last night, and she advised us by text message that it was "Awesome." I read somewhere on Facebook that she's going to an 80's party tonight. I have no idea if it's sorority-related or not. She is also expressing tremendous enthusiasm for Campus Crusades. So, overall, her first couple of weeks of college have been exceedingly positive.

We are still adjusting to her absence. My wife was intensely emotional over the most recent weekend. I kind of lost my composure last night. When she was a baby, there was a song I made up for her and would sing to her as she went to sleep. I texted the words of the song to her right before I went to bed. She wrote back, "Thanks Daddy." I was done.

Somebody get me a Kleenex. I gotta go.....

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