Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mom and Daughter in NYC

Mom and daughter in NYC
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My caption: Two classy dames pose for a flattering self-portait in Manhattan.
There they are, my wife and her mother on the top deck of a tour bus in chilly NYC. I am posting this photo as punishment for my bride, who refused to take a camera, instead opting to send this kind of image from her cell phone. Her mother, an encouragingly attractive septegenarian, is merely collateral damage.
It's a mother-daughter trip, and my wife's sister is there with them. Remarkably, it's the first time in the Big Apple for the in-laws, so they're doing it right. They're eating in fancy restaurants you've heard of and seeing Broadway shows. They're enjoying the weather, which by our standards is cold.
Alarmingly, my wife went off on her own armed with a credit card. It's not every day a Louisiana girl shops 5th Avenue, so who knows how quickly that American Express card is melting.
After this, maybe she'll buy a decent camera!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Tell 'em to take the Staten Island's Free and gives a great sightsee of the NYC Skyline, Lady Liberty & Ellis Island. Trip last about 20-30 minutes...after you get to Staten Island..immediately proceed to get back on cuz to take the Ferry back.

Great photo ops!

And forget the Empire State...go to 30 Rockefeller and take the Top of the Rock... less of a wait...took us about 5 minutes in line...(it's about an hour or more for the ESB )...more elbow room for sightseeing and you'll get a great view of the city from on high!! Great at night or day!!

And there's a cuhrazzee French Bistro on W 51st just past 8th Ave on the right..can't remember the name.. ...we couldn't leave...the French Guy's running the place kept filling our empty glasses and not charging...very non-pretentious and fun!!