Saturday, October 11, 2008

Alone Again, Unnaturally

Wow. My weekend fell apart. For weeks, I had been geared up for a trip to Gainesville for the LSU-Florida game. Thursday and Friday, life conspired against me. I'll spare the details, but I can sum things up this way: Instead of spending my Saturday in the company of 90,000 people watching one of the great college football matchups of the year, I'm sitting alone at the house watching games on TV.
That's not all bad. I'm getting a lot of rest. The games have been really good so far, and I'm not spending any money. Given the state of my investment accounts, that's probably a blessing.
This is the first of three football trips I've lost this season. I have surrendered LSU-Tulane tickets due to an unanticipated personal commitment which directly conflicts.
And this one hurt me: Yesterday, I handed over four 45 yard-line tickets and a parking pass to the Dallas Cowboys - Seattle Seahawks game next month. Can I be forgiven for being a middle-aged man on the brink of tears?
There is great news about the Cowboys' situation. I have a friend who is an avowed Cowboys fan. He's the kind of guy who uses the word "we" when talking about the team. He has never been to a game in Texas Stadium. I told him over the summer that he needed to get over there before the Cowboys move out. I handed him the tickets and the pass yesterday. The look on his face easily balanced the knot in my stomach. He's taking his family, none of whom have been in the stadium before.
I hope it's a good game. I hope it's played in an ice storm. (Okay, not really...I don't think).

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