Sunday, January 28, 2007

Dave's Deal With the Devil

My last sportscast was the night LSU won its national championship in football with a Sugar Bowl win over the Oklahoma Sooners. I was not a sportscaster at the time, but I was allowed to return to the air as a gracious gesture from my employers. They acknowledged that I had spent a quarter-century covering LSU football, and I just needed to be there to cover that story. I bring this up only to call attention to my broadcast partner that night, Dave Foster. Dave replaced me as sports director at the television station, then his career hit a bit of a skid.
A native of Nashville, Tennessee, Dave wanted to go home. He had a couple of strong looks at sports jobs in that market, but didn't quite get over the hump. Finally, he accepted a job as the assignments manager at the Fox afilliate there. He toiled behind the scenes, planning and coordinating coverage. Apparently, he did a fine job, because...incredibly, preposterously, amazingly, Saturday night Dave Foster won an EMMY AWARD for his station's coverage of the aftermath of Tennessee tornadoes in April.
This is ironic in a way because he won television's most prestigious award a day after he officially decided to walk away from the assignments desk. Why would an Emmy-award winning broadcast journalist walk away from his post? Because he was named the weekend sports anchor at his station, that's why. His dream of anchoring sports at a television station in his hometown has come true. His first sportscast in Nashville is next Saturday.
I don't want to spill Dave's business, but let me say that he has been struggling a bit over the last three or four years. He's one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, and he certainly deserves a break. I'd say he got one. Congratulations, Dave!
By the way, I happen to know that Dave, who is single, had a date Sunday night. Let's see: Friday: get the Dream Job. Saturday: Win an Emmy. Sunday: Well, what would cap off a perfect weekend? The way things are going, only Dave knows for sure.

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1 comment:

Workman said...

Yeah for Dave!

He's a good man, I knew he would wind up on top eventually.