Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Jon Alston Takes The Next Step

Jon Alston, who wants to be President of the United States one day, continues to achieve his life’s goals. Alston is among the most impressive high school athletes I’ve ever met. He has the distinction of being the only high school athlete ever to spend an entire hour with me as an in-studio guest on my radio show.
He’s that impressive, and there was that much to talk about with him. The former Loyola College Prep (Shreveport) star has finished his college football career at Stanford, and was drafted by the NFL’s St. Louis Rams.
Alston was chosen with the 77th overall pick.
``It really didn't matter when or where I went,'' Alston said. ``All I ever wanted to do was do well enough in college so I could get the opportunity to play at the next level. I'm very excited.''
Daddy D’s Story Time was openly rooting for Alston as he went through the NFL scouting combine. Many media accounts paint him as impressive in those workouts.
``Jon caught our eye in our meeting,'' at the combine, first-year Rams coach Scott Linehan told the San Jose Mercury News. ``He's a very, very bright, very intelligent player. Obviously coming from Stanford, that's part of the deal.
``Jon was just too valuable, he could help us too many ways right away, to pass him up.''
Alston played linebacker in college, but may see time at strong safety in the Rams’ defensive scheme. As a rookie, he likely will be expected to play a lot of special teams.
``He's a guy that gives us a lot of versatility,'' Linehan told the newspaper. ``Where I see him is someday being a superstar on special teams. I think he will be one of those guys that makes a bigger impact initially in that area and then works his way on the field on special downs and third downs.''
Alston has proclaimed himself ready.
``I'm going to do a lot of things for them,'' Alston said. ``I'll do whatever any team asks me to do. Whatever it is, I am a defensive player first, and I play football. You can stick me at cornerback and I will make plays for you.''
When I got to know Alston as a teenager, he really stood out from the pack. He was politically and socially conscious, more so than your average adult. He set out to live an exemplary life. He had his eye on politics. I don’t know if he still plans to run for President some day. If he does, he might win. He’s achieved so many things he’s hoped and planned for already.
He promised me he’d let me visit the White House. I’ll accept the invitation. For now, I’ll settle for some Rams’ tickets.

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